Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation announces to the world your happiness. More than just conveying the date and venue of the marriage, a wedding invite is the guest's first introduction to your grand wedding, setting the tone for what's to come, establishing a theme for the wedding and giving a look into your personal style as well.

A wedding invite is an integral part of the wedding preparations. A lot of thought and care goes into choosing the perfect invitation card for the wedding. Traditionally, Indian Tamil wedding cards carried an ethnic look and more often than not, were designed with motifs such as Lord Ganesh, or swastika. But with the changing times, new designer cards have become the popular trend among young couples wanting to tie the knot. These special wedding cards come in all shapes and sizes. Even the papers on which the cards are printed vary from hard to tissue-soft paper. You can choose from a range of innovative designs, fonts and styles for your wedding invitation cards.

Important Information to Include in your Wedding Invitations
Here are some tips to consider when going through your Wedding Checklist and designing the wedding invitations and when sending them out.  This will make the important information on the invitation stand out and easier for your guests to remember.
·         It is a common practice now-a-days to have Indian Wedding Invitations with inserts which include the various events, such as Ladies Sangeet Party, Mehndi Event, Indian Marriage Ceremony or Indian Wedding Reception.  When sending these invites out, colour codes them differently to make sure they have a title on the top.
·         Include a contact email address, land line, and mobile numbers for attendees to reach you.  If you want you can add a Facebook page also.
·         Use different fonts to highlight important features of your event on your Indian Wedding Invitation.
·         Keep your Wedding Invitation simple with the basic information, less is more.  Do run it by your elders as they may to give their input, as always.

In Sri Lanka most of the Wedding Planners will arrange the designing, printing as well as the distribution of your wedding cards as well as for other pre marriage functions too.

Vismaya Events & Entertainment have tie-ups with premium and exclusive wedding card designers who would design the perfect wedding invite for such a special occasion. The distinctive textures, attractive colours and unmatched finish of Indian wedding invitations provided by our designers will provide an additional charm to the wedding.

Vismaya Events & Entertainment is based in Colombo, and offers wedding planning services for all of Srilanka, with a special focus on Colombo and Jaffna. We offer information on wedding invitation and online booking for wedding arrangements and services.

To book the services, or for more information:

24x7 Helpline: +94 779218011

Vismaya make your Dream Wedding come Reality without any stress.

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